We sell the best coffee in the state!

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100% Colombian Coffee

Origin Coffee for connoisseurs and lovers of a good cup.

$ 18.00

K-Cups x 27

Select Coffee of 100% Colombian Liberty origin.

$ 25.00

Mi Raza

brand coffee beans or ground, medium roast level x 453 gr.

$ 15.00


Gualanday brand coffee beans or ground medium roast level + in 226 gr.


French Press

Tradition and pleasure to the senses

Let us take you with the best aromas and flavors in our best selection.

From $15.00

Buy for Home

the best flavor to take and prepare

An experience on your palate in every sip.

About Us

We are fans of good coffee, we know the value of a good drink and we do everything to make it available to you.

Tailored-Made Coffee

We offer a unique cafe like no other in New York State.

The perfect place to enjoy your coffee

We know how much you can enjoy the best drink in your workplace.

That is why we focus on getting to where you need it most and enjoy it most.

Our operation seeks to provide more and better experiences inside and outside organizations.


Every day is like Friday, and we celebrate with experiences.

Follow us and allow us to be by your side in this wonderful world of the best coffee in the world.

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Find us whether during a visit or virtually, we will be happy.


53 Custis Avenue, White Plains,
NY 10603